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This is a two person telepathy act. The Telesthesia Code is simple and easy yet undetectable. You and your assistant (or partner or spouse etc) can learn this code in under 5 minutes. There are absolutely no words that need to be spoken nor any body signals required. You and your assistant do not even face each other and there is no eye contact. And yet, you can seemingly relay thoughts to your assistant.

This method is ideal for close up situations and with a bit of audience management can easily be adapted to a parlor situation too.

The effect as it plays out from the audience point of view. You are seated at a table with a few audience members gathered around the table to see your close up act. Ideally, you have performed a few pieces in your close up set and in the middle of your act, you suddenly lean back and say that you want to try something totally different. An experiment in telesthesia. You explain that it is a form of telepathy and you along with your gifted friend have been practicing this for quite some time, although you still have a long way to go before achieving reasonable accuracy levels.

One participant freely and randomly chooses a playing card from a deck of cards in a very fair manner. Another participant merely thinks of any playing card in his mind. The performer looks away or turns back while this is going on. Later, the assistant who was not even in the room till then, is escorted into the room by a random audience member. Importantly, the assistant enters the room from behind where the performer is sitting and stands behind the performer, facing the audience members around the table. The performer and assistant do not talk to each other and do not even face each other or look at each other.

In this situation, the assistant, apparently with the help of thoughts being relayed from the performer’s mind is able to read the minds of both the participants and reveals both their cards.

The Telesthesia Code can be used for many other applications. An alternative routine with a star signs and 4 elements theme is also included. You will surely come up with some of your own ideas on using The Telesthesia Code. Several bonus ideas are included.

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2 Person Codes
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