Why A Magic Square Should Not Be A Magic Square     $18  (PDF)

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"Your magic square ideas are brilliant. Ways to avoid square is literally thinking outside the box. Love it." - Marc Salem


This is not about construction of a magic square. This is about presenting and representing a magic square in such a manner that the audience cannot uncover your secrets by doing a simple search on the internet, which is what is happening to most of the magic square routines these days.

5 solutions for alternative presentations/representations for a magic square are provided along with some bonus ideas.

A novel and self working routine is included which uses the magic square principles in a clever and unconventional manner but does not actually use a magic square. This refreshing routine is extremely easy to perform. No math or memory are involved for the performer. This is a novel technique of using the fundamental magic square principles without actually constructing a magic square but using it as a prediction or a force.

3 alternative handlings and 2 optional handlings are also included along with the necessary blank templates for you to print and use.

This is a 'must have' knowledge for everyone who is into the performance of magic square based routines.

Reviewed by David Burmeister(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Monday 19 June, 2017

Another GREAT EBOOK by THE UNKNOWN MENTALIST. I personally like the idea for THE CIRCLE OF LIFE. If you use a peek wallet (Or any other information stealing device) and also your own way of calculating the magic square (Pardon me saying the magic square) you have it made. You can have the spectator secretly write down a two or three digit number and place it in your peek wallet. Now the performer can sense some numbers to place on THE CIRCLE OF LIFE. Now the performer can give a reading for the spectator (COLD READING) based on the spectator selecting one horizontal and vertical row only. At the end the performer can say based on your choices your AURA NUMBER is ____ (The same number that the spectator thought of in his mind and was placed in the peek wallet.) The spectator can be given the business card in the wallet at the end of the reading if he so wishes or just THE CIRCLE OF LIFE. Again, well done UNKNOWN MENTALIST
Reviewed by Christian Fisanick(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Wednesday 27 July, 2016

The Unknown Mentalist gives some excellent, practical advice on how to camouflage a magic square so that it doesn't look like a magic square or the dreaded mathe-magic. It's all in the presentation, of course, and he supplies you with a really good, straightforward, pure magic square routine that looks simply like adding random numbers, not necessarily selected as numbers. (Get the ebook, and you'll find out what I mean.)

Audiences are more sophisticated these days, and what was once astonishing in the gas-light era is just ho-hum in the Internet age. It's nice to read this thoughtful ebook. We need more writing like this to help us tweak classic performance tools for the 21st Century. I'm sure Martin Gardner would have been proud.

Reviewed by Michael Lyth(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Tuesday 26 July, 2016

Do not be square learn to present the square with the authors creative look on this much under used item. As in the advertising words states ''This is not about construction of a magic square. This is about presenting and representing a magic square in such a manner that the audience cannot uncover your secrets by doing a simple search on the internet, which is what is happening to most of the magic square routines these days.'' Not just magic square routines but other magic effects presented to spectators should be given the same train of thought. Back to this work on squares it is vary easy reading and well thought out as is all the authors works in my increasingly growing collection of his mathematics based creative ideas. As a lover of the late Martin Gardner's works I find his ideas Must have some how influenced the unknown mentalist ? or some over mathematicians work. I would also recommend visiting markfarrar.co.uk and to study his Magic Square resource page it will stimulate like this work by the Unknown Mentalist's your brain too.

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Square Skills     $18  (PDF)

The experts say ...

"As a lover of magic squares, I find this recreation delightful with an oddly mystical presentation. I will cherish and use it. You are the next generation of mentalism thought." - Marc Salem

"Square Skills takes a simple mathematical premise to a whole new level. This is very versatile." - Marc Paul


Many powerful secrets. Hidden deep inside a code grid. The code which is many centuries old. Finally revealed. For your performance pleasure.

You will learn 11 secret principles. Along with 18 amazing and baffling routines. Some interesting variations and many valuable tips. One M.A.D (Map of Active Destiny) Printable Prop.

After learning these secret principles and routines you will be able to create many more of your own routines. Easy self working mystic mentalism.

Once you learn these automatic secret principles, you can focus fully on your presentation.

No sleights. No stooges. No pre-show.

In some of the routines you can

  1. Divine the year of birth(1-99) of any participant.
  2. Divine the month(1-12) of birth of a spectator.
  3. Divine the date(1-31) of birth of the participant.
  4. Do some stunning impromptu book tests.
  5. Accurately predict the 'chance' corresponding to a secret random 'choice'.
  6. Exactly reveal the 'future' number related to a thought of 'past' number.
  7. And many more........
The bottom line is that you yourself will enjoy performing these routines as much as your audience will enjoy participating and watching these mysteries unfold.

Reviewed by Balasubramanian Chandran(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Friday 13 November, 2015

This is stuffed and crammed with so many ideas and so many routines that I think multiple complete acts can be created with just this material. Simply carry the MAD paper in your pocket and you are ready to do a complete act anytime, anywhere. Actually this could have been released in 2 or 3 volumes. Excellent value.
Reviewed by Kumar BNS(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Thursday 22 October, 2015

The routine where the audience member is asked to tear up the paper into small pieces and then choose any one piece among them is my clear favorite. I performed this a few times so far and each and every time there was a stunning reaction.
Reviewed by Doc Harris(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Sunday 18 October, 2015

After reading the very clever ‘secret principles’ my own creative juices started flowing. The routines encompass a wide range of themes and are very amenable for personalizing. The deep thinking and huge effort which have obviously gone into the creation of this benchmark work are commendable.
Reviewed by Mind Legend(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Wednesday 14 October, 2015

What the world took for granted for the past couple of centuries or so has now been given a totally new spin. The amount of output from just one single source is simply stupendous. It took me all of 5 days to completely go through all the 11 principles (and I discovered a few more principles on my own in this process) and the 18 routines given. After that I could easily come up with about a dozen routines of my own. Actually the scope is very vast and is only limited by our imagination. Great value for money.
Reviewed by Prof Max(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Wednesday 14 October, 2015

A long buried treasure has now been discovered, unearthed, reconstructed, redecorated and unleashed onto the hapless audiences. Huge range of principles and routines. Highly satisfying. I appreciate the author for a great release.

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Square Thrills     $12  (PDF)


Many enigmatic secrets. Hidden deep inside the 'Circle of Fate' for many centuries. Now rediscovered, repackaged and revealed for you.

You will learn 5 simple, self working secrets of the 'Circle of Fate'. You will also learn 11 stunning routines. You also get the 'Circle of Fate' printable prop.

Fully automatic and self working routines. So you can fully focus on your presentation. Very novel presentations are included along with scripting and patter. Easy to do routines. You can start doing the routines within 10 minutes of reading the instructions. No stooges. No sleights. No pre-show.

The 11 routines included are:

Finally, you will enjoy performing these as much as the audience will enjoy watching them.

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