Inspyring Coin   $30  (Antique Coin+Glossy Coin+Spl Card+Pdf)

The experts say ...

"You are an excellent thinker and quite prolific. It maintains your standards of excellence!" - Marc Salem

"The Unknown Mentalist has done it again! He has a real talent for taking fascinating math principles and creating real-world presentational hooks that your audiences will find engaging and thought provoking." - Marc Paul

"This is the demonstration on how it is possible to give new life to old principles, creating well orchestrated routines! Bravo my friend!" - Luca Volpe


Inspyring Coin is specially created for the purpose of performing coin mentalism routines -- zero sleights involved! Most of the routines are self-working. Yet the routines are easy to learn and perform so that you can focus fully on your presentation.

Just pop your Inspyring Coin into your wallet or pocket, learn the routines, and you are always ready to perform some amazing miracles. The size of the coins is a handy 30mm (1.25 inches) in diameter.

What you get: A pair of copper coins which look like ancient Roman coins. One with a glossy finish and another with an antique finish. And an 'authentication' card. Also included is a massive 90-plus page PDF containing 18 amazing coin mentalism routines.

Apart from the included routines, there are other possible routines which can be done using some of the elements built into the coin. This coin is not magnetic so it neither attracts metals nor gets attracted to magnets. As a result, it can be freely handled by both the performer and participants. Inspyring Coin, then, is an ungimmicked and multipurpose coin.

The Inspyring Coin is so nice to hold and look at that even without any of the included routines, it can simply be a great conversation starter and can lead to any other routines you may want to perform, depending on your style of presentation.

Simple, easy-to-do and self-working routines, but with incredible impact on your audience. Zero sleights. No pre show, no stooges, no instant stooges, no dual reality, no magnets, no threads. The coins can be freely handled before, during and after the routines by both the performer and the participants.

The massive number of routines include many types, such as predictions, divinations, coincidences, mind reading etc. A few sample effects are as follows.

1. CENTURY OF COINCIDENCE - (Part of Script) - "Have you heard of the Century of Coincidence? No? Well, this is something totally missed by historians but luckily discovered by magicians and mentalists. The 100 year war between the English and the French is actually a Century of Coincidence. And, weirdly, this gets proved every time we do a demonstration." The routine climaxes with some impossible revelations.

2. ATTITUDE WITH LATITUDE - (Part of Script) - "Geographically speaking, any point on Earth can be defined by a unique combination of latitude and longitude. Similarly, every thought that arises in the human mind can be defined by a unique combination of dreams and memories. Let's do a demonstration based on the latitude and longitude of human thoughts." The routine then uses some international telephone codes for an unbelievable climax.

3. ALPHA CONSPIRACY - What you do in this routine is no less than a conspiracy using the alphabet and a book (this is NOT a spelling routine). Hence the name Alpha Conspiracy and it has a double climax. This is a Book Test that can be done using any ungimmicked book. (Part of Script) - "According to linguistic research statistics, these 2 dozen words have been proven to have high impact on the human subconscious mind." And the routine ends with a thundering double climax.

These are just a few of the 18 routines included, along with several bonus ideas.

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Coin'cidence     $18  (PDF)

The experts say ...

"Coin'cidence is a nice routine that offers a new twist to a time honored principle that has always appealed to me and inspired many" - Bruce Bernstein


This is a routine which defies categorization. It is inexplicably weird and amazingly powerful.

It can be performed with your own coins or borrowed coins. With your own business cards or borrowed business cards. It can be performed with real coins or even with imaginary coins.

The performer makes a prediction on the back of his business card and keeps it face down in full view right before commencing the routine. A participant is asked to make a free choice from among 5 coins, real or imaginary. After the participant lands on a coin, the prediction is turned over and it matches the participant choice exactly. And the performer ends up giving a stunning souvenir to the participant which she will treasure as a lucky talisman and will be cherish it for a long time.

This is completely self working. No sleights, no pre show, no stooges, no electronics, no dual reality, no verbal manipulation, no multiple outs, no equivoque, an impromptu anytime-anywhere routine which can also be done totally prop less (if you do not consider business cards or pens as props). Although a variation each is given which uses basic equivoque in one and a basic multiple out in another, the main routine does not need either.

This routine can also be looked at as a 5-coin, no equivoque, self working version of Max Maven's Positive/Negative. Only, instead of the heads or tails option, here the participant is given 5 possible choices, which increases the odds multifold. There are 250 possible outcomes and your prediction hits 100% exact. A bonus routine is also explained where the 5 coins can all be different and the final prediction also includes this choice.

It can be performed as an independent routine by itself or as a killer addition to any other coin routine or bill routine. It can be used as a great opener or an equally great closer to any close up act. Or can be just performed as a stand alone effect. But the maximum impact is in a one on one situation. This can become another highlight in any coin worker's act. It is also invitingly easy for non-coin workers. In fact, it is especially tempting for mentalists.

It is a versatile routine. It can be used as a pure mentalism routine or as a coin routine or even as a mental magic routine.

If the author could hand out over 1900 of his business cards over the past decade with just this one routine to over 1900 different people, imagine how many you can hand out of your own. And like the experience of the author, if about 10% of these resulted in gigs (about 200), just imagine the mind boggling power of this routine. If you agree to pay the author a dollar for each time you perform this, you may easily end up paying over 10,000 dollars or more in your lifetime (though, I am sure you will never agree!!!)

You will do this every day to every new person you meet. Guaranteed.

This is coin mentalism. This is Coin'cidence.

Reviewed by David Burmeister(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Saturday 25 June, 2016

Coin'cidence is a great trick. I like to use it with 5 imaginary coins as the original routine. This effect didn't impress me that much in the beginning BUT, the effect it has on spectators is astounding!

I think that sometimes we focus too much on the methodology that we are going to use as performers when we should be trying out the effect and see the impact on the audience.

I can wait till a couple of weeks from now when I buy the 2 ebook bundle for this routine.

Again, another great job Unknown Mentalist.

David W. Burmeister

Reviewed by Simon Hood(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Saturday 02 April, 2016

Coin'cidence, Absolute Coin'cidence & Ultimate Coin'cidence - got this 3 ebook bundle for $27 (I missed the intro offer of $15). Brilliant principles and clever methods. 27 routines in all. Extraordinary range of pocket mentalism using business cards. The author's take on Max Maven's positive/negative is unconventional and killer. For me just this one is worth the cost of the bundle. On the same day I completed reading, could perform it thrice with great success(using invisible coins!). Simple and stunning. I will be using a lot of these routines. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by Loki Jedi(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Wednesday 27 January, 2016

I found this a highly creative routine. Real pleasure to perform. Fantastic reactions.

Both the main routine and bonus routine are true workers. Especially the bonus is a big leap forward from the Positive/Negative premise. The climax peaks excellently. Very much recommended.

Reviewed by Cortez Magicus(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Tuesday 26 January, 2016

WOW ! Absolutely killer. Simple great idea, but very powerful. Anytime, fully impromtu. 5 times in 5 hours, successful performance. Works in any language.
Reviewed by Michael Lyth(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Tuesday 26 January, 2016

At the rate, this creative thinker MENTALIST turns out well thought out ideas for the magic fraternity we will all be bankrupt and ways of leaving your business card as part of a memento of the moment is always worth the effect I use a variation of out to lunch with mine.

PAYPAL: ksrr1031@gmail.com
EMAIL: unknownmentalist@yahoo.com


Absolute and Ultimate Coin'cidence     $18  (PDF)


You need to have Coin'cidence to understand the contents of this release.

The tremendous response to the innovative Coin'cidence principle and routines has pushed it to the very top of the hotlist. Now this 2 ebook bundle contains 20 killer routines with the Coin'cidence principle. Also there are 3 bonus ideas for you to develop on.

Absolute Coin'cidence

This ebook contains 9 amazing routines with different themes other combined principles. Also included are 3 bonus ideas for you to build on. You will love performing these day in and day out. Absolutely self working, nothing to reset, almost impromptu, no sleights and very easy to do. All based on the 5 coin version. The coins can be any coins, real or imaginary.

Ultimate Coin'cidence

This ebook contains 11 stunning and impossible routines. The main routine is a mind boggling 7 coin version of the coin'cidence routine. And then the nine routines of Absolute Coin'cidence are adapted to this 7 coin version and the resultant routines appear more and more impossible. Also, a plain vanilla version is also explained.

There are over 25 images for explanation and clarity.

Reviewed by Simon Hood(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Saturday 02 April, 2016

Here the brilliant principle of Coin'cidence is impossibly extended to a mind boggling 7 coin version. The alternative routines with words, numbers, colors, shapes in combo with some other cool methods is very refreshing. An exhaustive treatment of a basically amazing principle. The author displays an unconventionally deceptive thinking style and inspired me to think up some cool ideas myself. Great value for money.
Reviewed by Cortez Magicus(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Tuesday 01 March, 2016

This is very bigger than Coincidence. 20 different routines with 20 different idea. Very amazing. All powerful stuff. Any language no bar (except 3-4 ideas). Enjoyable price !

PAYPAL: ksrr1031@gmail.com
EMAIL: unknownmentalist@yahoo.com

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