Psycalendar     $30  (Pdf + Gimmicks)


Most probably you have never ever seen such a mystical calendar. It looks ordinary but enables you to perform an extraordinary routine. Let me present probably the world's first Psycalendar. What you get is a set of 10 specially printed gimmicks which will be shipped to you. The pdf can be downloaded instantly.

The effect as seen by the audience. A yearly calendar on a single sheet is handed over by the performer to the participants. Each of 5 different random participants choose 5 different dates from the calendar. The performer openly ensures that no 2 participants choose the same date. The performer is standing several feet away and never touches the calendar. Finally, when the 5 chosen dates are added up a true miracle unfolds. The total happens to be the new year 2019. Jaws will drop.

For the second phase, the effect is repeated now with 2 different sets of 5 random participants choosing 2 completely different sets of 5 different dates from 2 totally different parts of the calendar. And yet the mystery deepens - the total of both sets happens to be the new year 2019. This time jaws will drop to the floor.

This effect can of course also be performed one on one and the performer can leave his business card as a special souvenir with the participant which surely will be treasured throughout the year 2019 and way beyond.

No sleights, no stooges, no preshow. No memorization and no math except the adding up of the chosen dates. Totally self working. Completely hands off. Nothing to reset and instantly repeatable with different sets of dates and participants. No switches, no swami, no impression devices. Very easy to learn and perform. 3 different presentation themes based on psychology, supernatural and humor are suggested with several ideas.

Ideas to use Psycalendar in 2020, 2021 and beyond. Several ideas to enable you to use Psycalendar not only in 2020 or 2021 but also beyond that are included.

Psycalendar for birthdate and pin divination - A method to use Psycalendar to divine a participant's exact birthday or pin numbers is now included.

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Birthday Calendar     $18  (Pdf + Gimmicks)


This includes physical products, a set of 4 business card size gimmicks, which will be shipped to you. The ebook can be downloaded instantly from your digital shelf. Once the initial set of gimmicks is gone this will only be available as PDF without any mailed gimmicks.

A powerful combination of methods makes this a versatile tool for birthday divinations. You can always carry this set of 4 cards in your wallet. Any participant's exact birthday (date and month) can be divined using any of the dozen combo methods built into the cards. The range of different methods enables one to repeat this for different participants in the same group. Apart from the exact birthday, other information like zodiac sign, ruling planet etc about the participant can also be revealed. There is nothing to reset and the cards are fully examinable before, during and after the performance. The cards can also be used as 'hidden in plain sight' cribs for propless version.

For some of the methods, just a little bit of memory will be required, but there are options to work around that too. The set of 4 cards look mysteriously beautiful and you will enjoy using them.

Reviewed by David Burmeister(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Saturday 21 October, 2017

This is another nice effect from THE UNKNOWN MENTALIST. First of all, the business cards are very nice quality laminated business cards. The nice thing about this effect is that you can do it in so many different ways. In my personal opinion, this is a close up version of ELEMENTAL. Having said that, I prefer having BIRTHDAY CALENDAR over ELEMENTAL as I believe that the gimmicks on the cards are better hidden and the cards are more professional looking (That is why I bought two more sets of cards). I believe to still get a better understanding of everything you need to have this, ELEMENTAL and ELEMENTAL 2. In my opinion if you have HAPPY BIRTHDAY STRANGER, BIRTHDAY CALENDAR, MIND SPARK 1, SIGNATURE and STAR SIGNATURE, you will have some very powerful star sign divinations. (Check out SUPER STAR BUNDLE ALSO!)

I recommend getting BIRTHDAY CALENDAR NOW while the cards are still available AND the effect is at this price! Well done UNKNOWN MENTALIST!

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EMAIL: unknownmentalist@yahoo.com


Kalendar Clairvoyance     $18  (Pdf + Gimmicks)


This is a collection of clean, crisp and cool calendar routines which will baffle and startle your audience. They can live in your wallet or pocket and are ready for anytime and anywhere performance.

There is nothing to memorize and no complex math. All the systems are easy and self working. You will be able to start doing these within 15 minutes of reading the instructions. The routines are as follows.

1. Roman Enigma - The performer claims to have photographed an ancient rock engraved inscription from recent secret Roman excavations which gives him the weird and inexplicable power to know instantly the day of any date of some special years including the current year.

2. Torn and Restored - The performer displays a torn piece of what appears to be an old calendar but the few dates appearing on it seem weird. But mysteriously the performer is able to psychically restore the other days of the calendar by intuitively knowing their weekdays.

3. Coloracle - The performer displays a vibgyor based color oracle system which mysteriously but accurately predicts the related future of a secretly thought of past and present choices. Very direct, startling and lot of fun.

4. Mayan Mystery - The performer displays an ancient Mayan calendar which has only 9 months corresponding to the 9 planets and each month having 42 days including some invisible days to total 365 days in a year. This 42 day calendar also proves to be an accurate oracle.

5. Blind Date 1 - From the participant's perspective, she merely thinks of a year and gives a random date and yet, the performer divines the exact day of the week of that date, almost instantly.

6. Blind Date 2 - A participant merely thinks of a year and secretly writes any date and yet, the performer is able to divine the exact day of the week for that date, almost instantly.

Also, additional phases, extra ideas and alternative handlings are included.

Reviewed by David Burmeister(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Saturday 06 May, 2017

Another GREAT EFFECT by the UNKNOWN MENTALIST, my favorites in this material are ROMAN ENIGMA and BLIND DATE 1. In fact I printed three copies of ROMAN ENIGMA on cardstock, then I performed the effect on my wife and blew her away with it. It's that good and very easy to do. All the material here is GREAT no matter what you choose to. I think I'll start carrying around ADVANCED BRAIN KNEWMEROLOGY, ROMAN ENIGMA, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY STRANGER along with a few other effects that I have. WHAT A CLOSE UP PRESENTATION. This has my highest recommendation!

PAYPAL: ksrr1031@gmail.com
EMAIL: unknownmentalist@yahoo.com


Karma Kosmic Kalender     $18  (PDF)


A pocket diary with random playing cards written against each date is tossed out to 8 participants in the audience, one after the other. 4 of those participants declare their dates of birth but either tell a complete lie or complete truth or half truth or half lie about their respective assigned playing cards. But the performer accurately divines their cards in spite of all the half truths or lies.

Now the other 4 participants are asked NOT to divulge either their dates of birth or their respective assigned playing cards. And yet, very impossibly, the performer accurately reveals all their cards.

Only one diary is used with a onetime preparation. It can be any type of normal pocket diary. There is absolutely no arts and crafts involved. Just the writing down of different playing cards against all the dates in the diary. Although knowing a stack like the Karma Deck (or any other stack) will be useful, it is not necessary at all.

Once prepared, this same diary can also be used for close up performances. Importantly, no physical playing cards are used in this routine – whether normal or jumbo – in both the stage and close up performances.

Even a beginner can easily prepare this diary and comfortably perform the routines. No sleights, no stooges, no preshow. Once prepared, the diary should last you many many performances, in spite of the usual wear and tear.

There is also a huge scope to engage audience members with individual cartomancy readings after the show, if the performer is so inclined.

Reviewed by David Burmeister(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Monday 31 October, 2016

I compliment THE UNKNOWN MENTALIST with another GREAT 20+ EFFECT!!!

It takes some time in preparing the pocket calendar but it is really simple after you go through a couple of months.

I set my calendar up with the SLOKA deck stack myself. I used the random suit stack with it to help make it even more deceptive. If you don't have this stack...BUY IT!

You could use this effect close up with two, three, or four spectators but I think I will prefer using just one.

After I explain TIME and SPACE to the spectator and finding out which they are I will proceed with the effect from that point.

After I pick up the playing card telepathically I will tell the spectator what the playing card means (Except for the Ace of Spades, the death card. I will make up my own personally meaning for it. You can also say that this is the spectators lucky playing card and give the spectator some cold reading statements and even add in information about their zodiac sign also. This effect can be another reputation maker!!!

By the way, I have a playing card reading book at home but I'm sure you could find something about playing card meanings and lucky cards and also cold reading at Lybrary.com or on the internet.


Reviewed by Balasubramanian Chandran(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Wednesday 19 October, 2016

I like this. Already prepared my diary - took about 45 mins. Packs multiple punches. What I like most is flexibility - great for both stage n close up. For stage a multi phase act with about 7-8 audience members is given. Builds up nicely to a big climax. And close up also can be done for 2 or 3 persons. Best part is there is only one diary and that too fully examinable (not that anyone would want to examine). Although knowing any stack can be an advantage from presentation angle, an easy method included even if you don't know any stack. In fact, after a first read, a found that a stack is not needed at all and any random sequence of cards can be used.

Any type of diary/date book can be used. The combo of methods is clean and self working, well almost.

Importantly, the presentation and theme given is interesting, clever and novel - blends well for the routine and methods. Like my earlier purchases of this author, happy with this one too.

Reviewed by Chris Cross(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Wednesday 12 October, 2016

For many many years now (after performing it over a 100 times), I had always held Bob Cassidy's chronologue as a benchmark in diary effects - and for good reason.

But now for me Karma Kosmic Kalendar will be the new benchmark in diary effects. That's saying a lot. Because it is that good. This will now replace Chronologue both in my jacket pocket and in my act - both stage n close up. Need I say anything more? That pretty much sums up my review, I guess.

Reviewed by Michael Lyth(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Sunday 09 October, 2016

Yet again food for thought and stimulation of ones own mind. Presenting through use of Diary in a mentalist capacity.make it a date in your own diary to purchase and gain results

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EMAIL: unknownmentalist@yahoo.com

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