I am Unknown Mentalist. In short U n Me. This is true because I am really unknown and I am really a mentalist. I feel what comes out of my mind and heart is far more important and valuable than my identity. Some of the output of my mind you will find in the "Conceptions" link. Some of the output ( or is it outpourings ) from my heart is here.

Specifically, for those with a poetic bent of mind………………

1. On “a mentalist’s mind”…………

Imprints of the infinite mind
Ignorant eye never can find
Buried in the sands of time
Where now only the winds silently chime
Limitless heart lovingly holds
In its unseen caring folds
Many great secrets and stories
Which remained carefully untold
Passage of time never recovers
But a REAL mind always discovers

2. On “originality in magic”…………

God is the only real magician
And His creation the only true magic
And we are all merely the reflections of the divine
Ultimately there is no absolute creation
Which is purely yours or mine

Again & Again Asked Questions

Q. How do I make a purchase?

A. You have to send me a mail with your requirements. Then send payment via Paypal. Then the product will be sent to you by email/courier.

Q. What is your Refund Policy?

A. There is no policy because there will be no refunds.

Q. Who is Unknown Mentalist ? (or who am I)

A. Who cares ? Really ! This is unimportant.

Q. What am I ?

A. This is for me to explore and discover, like for everybody else. And I am in this process. Again, for you, this is unimportant.

Q. What I do ?

A. Among many other things (yes many), I am also a student of the human mind. And I am very passionate about mentalism and the powers of the mind. The aim here is to use mentalism for the
4 E's --Enjoyment, Entertainment, Education & Enlightenment.