I am Unknown Mentalist. In short U n Me. This is true. I am a mentalist and I am unknown. I feel what comes out of my mind and heart is far more important and valuable than my identity. Some of the output of my mind you will find in the "PRODUCTS" link.

Dear Friend,

It is the absolute truth that a big mind and a bigger heart are the real benchmarks of true value, especially in our beloved and cherished art form. Hype, although more prevalent, is surely temporary. My grateful thanks to all of your big minds and big hearts for supporting my releases although I am an absolutely unknown mentalist.

It is my honest belief that the price of my each release is lower than its true value. At least that is the intention. However, the real potential of my each release will be fully realized only when you enjoy learning it, give pleasure and happiness to your audience by performing it and yourself gain satisfaction from that experience.

I may be 'unknown'. But I am definitely not 'unavailable'. Please feel free to mail me on unknownmentalist@yahoo.com for any discussion, clarification, suggestion, contention or appreciation. I will be happy to help.

Warm Regards,
U n Me

Richard Osterlind on Unknown Mentalist : "I really enjoy the way he thinks. I always look forward to seeing his latest creations and the clever originality he puts into them. His work shows his love of mentalism and his capacity for thinking outside the boundaries."

Marc Salem on Unknown Mentalist : "The unknown mentalist may be unknown, but he has plenty to say, and all of it is good...inspired. He should, and deserves to be known. No doubt in my mind, this man is a genius. Virtually everything he produces is impossible. I am in awe of his attention to detail and proliferation of useful thought."

Paul Romhany on Unknown Mentalist : "I am becoming a huge fan of the Unknown Mentalist as he is creating some really practical and clever products. He is a great example of a working performer and a great thinker."

Dan Harlan on Unknown Mentalist : "Wow! You've actually done it! Your Karma Deck System is an elegant synthesis of concepts that have long been at odds... but now you have them working together harmoniously! I had always hoped that some genius would come up with a rule-based system for quickly knowing the position of every card in the deck, and still allow me to perform all the cyclical-stack material I love. You are that genius! I'd be quite happy to endorse and promote it. In fact, I'd like to start using it in my act right away!"

Chris Wasshuber in Lybrary newsletter #705 dated 01/14/2016. (Talking about highlights of year 2015) : "And this was the start to an incredible successful introduction of a new author at Lybrary.com. The Unknown Mentalist is still the overall #1 hot author on Lybrary.com. He achieved this in a few months with some pretty incredible publications all starting with his exceptional Karma Deck."

Prof Max on Unknown Mentalist : "Over 150 releases in just under 5 years and still going strong. Just amazing."

Doc Harris on Unknown Mentalist : "The word 'impossible' seems to apply to almost all the creations of the Unknown Mentalist."

David Burmeister on Unknown Mentalist : "I just like your thinking and am amazed by your creativity. I have almost all your releases in my collection. I feel closer to you than a lot of other people around me. I hope we stay friends throughout this lifetime and if there is any future lives, be close in that lifetime also."

Magic Sam on Unknown Mentalist : "In the entire history of stack magic, who else has created over 27 card stacks? His output is phenomenal."

Loki Jedi on Unknown Mentalist : "One of the most prolific magic creators of our times."

Michael Lyth on Unknown Mentalist :
"Whilst you explore and discover
I discover the creativity of your mind
and your works stimulate my own mind

Whilst you explore and discover who you are
Your own true identity with which you seek to find
A purpose you provide through your creative mind

Encouraging searches to stimulate the minds
Into an awakening from our sleeping minds
And create fresh ideas to entertain

But most of all we are all important
To that greatest magician of all
We all play a part in each other’s lives
In ways we cannot not see or understand

But we are more important
To others than we can see or feel
We are there to stimulate creativity
From the corners of our minds

To bring hope, peace
and love for all around us"

Some of the output ( or is it outpourings ) from my heart is here. Specifically, for those with a poetic bent of mind.


Imprints of the infinite mind
Ignorant eye never can find
Buried in the sands of time
Where now only the winds silently chime
Limitless heart lovingly holds
In its unseen caring folds
Many great secrets and stories
Which remained carefully untold
Passage of time never recovers
But a REAL mind always discovers


God is the only real magician
And His creation the only true magic
And we are all merely the reflections of the divine
Ultimately there is no absolute creation
Which is purely yours or mine


Some of my personal thoughts and feelings are shared here.


The name of a person is just an ‘identifier’. It is not the ‘identity’ of that person. A name only identifies but does not ‘define’ a person. The true identity of any person is the aggregate of his body, mind, heart and soul. A human being should always strive to evolve to be more than the sum of his body, mind, heart and soul. Most people wrongly equate the ‘identifier’ (which is the name) with the ‘identity’ (which is the sum of body, mind, heart, soul) of a person.

For example, if someone asks the question “Do you know Ted Annemann?” then generally the answer would be, say, “Of course. I know Annemann and I have also read some of his books.” What the answer actually means is that the person knows the name Ted Annemann and also knows a small part of Annemann’s mind by way of reading some of his books. But by no means Annemann’s complete true identity – body, mind, heart, soul – is known. Only those who were very, very close to him have the possibility of knowing his true identity. And definitely not someone who has just read a few books.

Another issue with a name is that it generally tends to create a bias. As soon as a person tells her name, our mind starts processing. Religion, race, culture, language, gender, color, nationality etc factors are then tried to be decoded by our mind and the process of bias starts building up subconsciously.

Yet another issue with a name is that instead of remaining just an identifier, it has become a medium or tool for boosting personal ego. Remember what Dale Carnegie mentioned in his globally acclaimed “How to win friends and influence people”? The sweetest thing for any person to hear is the sound of his/her name. When I read it many decades ago, I thought how silly that it should be so. Personally, for me the sweetest thing to hear would be the voice of someone whom I love.

The reason for taking on this pseudonym of Unknown Mentalist is to keep the focus entirely on the output of my mind and on nothing else. Also, the main objective of releasing the output of my mind is not personal fame or wealth, but to share and put on record whatever ideas I was able to come up with in my over 25 years of magic and mentalism.


It was quite surprising and amusing to find some truly wild rumors doing the rounds. So let me lay them to rest right now. No, the Unknown Mentalist is not a group of mentalists/magicians working as a team under this common pseudonym. And no, the Unknown Mentalist is not the pseudonym of any famous and well known mentalist who wanted to release material at lower costs. Hope that clears up a lot of things.


I have always been a family man and for me my family is the number one priority in life. My opinion on family is that it is the only unifying and strengthening unit of this world. All other units like religion, language, culture etc are all dividing and weakening units.


In spite of my mind skills, I consider myself a normal person. In fact, I make a very conscious effort to be normal in everything I do. In other words, balance is what I always strive for in my life. Meditation has been a part of my life for over 25 years now. Almost since birth, I have been raised as a teetotaler and with vegetarian food habits. Smoking has never been a part of my life. Like I quote often, I am a technologist by day, a mentalist by night and a strategist all the time.


As a mind reader and psychic entertainer, I do not specifically make any disclaimers. However, as a magic author, it seems that I need to make certain disclaimers. I never had any blogs. I am not on any social media like facebook or twitter or google plus etc. And I am not on any magic forums. The only way to contact me is through my email unknownmentalist@yahoo.com and my only website is www.unknownmentalist.com. There seem to be many similar user names to my pseudonym of ‘unknown mentalist’ which seem to be popping up all over the internet. I am in no way related to any of those names. Period.


Although I consider myself quite literate, I cannot really judge the extent of my true education. For the record, I have a double masters and am a university topper but always try to have the attitude of a student and always want to learn more and research more and more.


I strongly believe that every living creature is creative in a way we cannot always judge. Of course, it will always help to remember that every thought process is conceived by standing on the shoulders of our predecessors. That is how the collective human consciousness evolves. That is the fundamental rule of evolution. It will also help in maintaining our humility.