GPS     $18  (PDF)


GPS stands for Geopsychic Past-Life-Positioning System.

Using nothing more than a single double blank business card and a piece of paper, you can accurately divine the place of birth of a participant either in a past life or a future life, as per her choice.

The only inputs you will be taking from your participant are her place of birth in this life and details of her birthmarks if any. The result will not only be stunning for the participant but also will be verifiable for her.

Most of the effect is self-working and very easy to perform. But the presentation is key and all the necessary presentational aspects are described in detail. The effect works in most languages or can be easily adapted to any language. There are no sleights, no stooges or instant stooging, and no preshow. There are no peeks, no switches, no equivoque, no memorization. No dual reality, no one ahead, no nail or pocket writing. No apps and no electronics.

Everything can be freely handled by both the performer and participants before, during, and after the routine. You can perform this in different venues like one on one, close-up group, parlor, street. And you can easily carry the single double blank card and the piece of paper always in your wallet or pocket and you are always ready to perform at a moment's notice.

You can present this routine either as a serious, bizarre effect or a light-hearted fun effect. And while on the way, you will learn several interesting principles, which you can use in many other routines and effects.

PAYPAL: ksrr1031@gmail.com
EMAIL: unknownmentalist@yahoo.com


Future Test 2021     $09  (PDF)


This also includes Future Test 2020 and Future Test 2022. This routine can also be performed in a virtual show over Skype, Zoom, Instragram Live, Facebook Live or even a basic one to one video call.

Future Test is a 'packs small plays big' kind of effect. Actually packs very small in your wallet and plays very big to a full room or in a virtual show or even over a video call. This effect is done on the back of your business card which you can later leave with the participant as a souvenir or send over to the participant's phone as a virtual image as a 'digital souvenir'.

The performer starts by asking the participant "Do you like to know how successful you will be in 2021?" and performs the Future Test. Essentially the performer makes some predictions (all good ones) about the participant for the year 2021 (or 2020 or 2022, as the case maybe) and proves that they are all accurate. The participant will be amazed. Not only will she keep your business card as a lucky souvenir for a long time but is likely to contact you again soon during 2021.

The final objective of the routine is to leave the participant with a good feeling and positive expectations about 2021 and in the process impart hope and confidence about the future. Future Test 2021 can also be taken down the Gospel Magic route, if you want. Those ideas are included.

No sleights, no preshow and no stooges. No equivoque, no dual reality, no instant stooges. Your business card can be openly handled and shown before, during and after the performance. The Future Test 2021 is fully self working.

Very simple and easy to learn and perform. But the structure and presentation of the routine creates a long lasting impact. It is very flexible in that you can make it as short or as long you want it to be. And right from the opening line, the performer is in total control. Not just 2021, what you need to perform for 2020 and 2022 is also included.

A novel approach to a classic effect using a unique combination of classic principles. This is really a 100$ idea being released as a 3$ surprise, given the present global situation.

PAYPAL: ksrr1031@gmail.com
EMAIL: unknownmentalist@yahoo.com


Dark Corners     $18  (PDF)


Effect as seen by the participant. From among hundreds of words, a participant chooses a single word silently in her mind. It is a totally free choice and there is no force of any kind. After a simple and quick process of visualization by the participant, the performer is able to divine the exact word accurately without pumping. Nothing is spoken or written down by the participant.

This routine can be repeated instantly for the same participant or can be performed for multiple participants simultaneously. The principle behind the basic method is a very novel one and can find many other applications.

There are no sleights, no pre show and no stooges. No math, no memory and no anagrams. It is fairly self working, so to say. All the hard work is already done for you and the printable props are included. After reading this manuscript, you will need a few minutes of practice before you can jump into live performances. Many alternative methods and presentation ideas are also included.

The novel principle behind this method can be adapted to most other languages with a little effort.

Reviewed by David Burmeister(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Saturday 14 October, 2017

The UNKNOWN MENTALIST has done it again. This is an EXCELLENT effect that I am doing to DEFINITELY USE! This will definitely take some practice but once it is in your head it will be very easy. If you like THE GROW DEVILS PRINCIPLE and WORLDS WITHIN WORDS you will definitely like this. What I like about this is you don't need ANY prompter sheets hidden in notepads AND the spectator is NOT calling out any letters...NO PA'S...yet the mentalist correctly divines the word out of over 200 words. This has my highest recommendation!


Reviewed by Michael Lyth(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Wednesday 16 August, 2017

From the seed of growth from this creative thinking Mind I have watched followed to this day with all his works in my own working Lybrary and I would recommend any one with a Interest in mentalism to try one or more of his work's. this one may take some late nights into early morning to read and get your head around but once done give it the practice time in, put your own signature on it and I am sure you will have a vary different stage effect to win your audience over.

PAYPAL: ksrr1031@gmail.com
EMAIL: unknownmentalist@yahoo.com


Unbroken     $12  (PDF)

The experts say ...

"I got a chance to read it and I honestly like it. It's a nice, portable mini pocket seance. I love how you combined a bunch of ideas/effects into this total routine. That's usually what I do when I create a routine. No wonder I like it. When I perform this, I will end the routine after the message from the flame is revealed. That's strong. I think you hit a homerun with this!" - Mark Piazza


This is a chilling routine. Performer must use this with responsibility. The effect is a little enigmatic, a little eerie, a little emotional, a little bold, a little tragic but with a very positive climax and a positive take away for the participant. Of course, you can personalize this to suit your persona, performance style and situation.

A routine which has 5 multiple moments of spooky amazement. The theme is to liberate the troubled spirit of a departed celebrity. The process consists of a unique combination of some standard methods but used in an unconventional manner to heighten the impact and create an emotional involvement for the participant. Innovative variations of the classic methods are explained. You are likely to like these variations.

A participant chooses a celebrity from among nine departed celebrities. The 'spirit' of this particular celebrity conveys its 'willingness' quite visually. Then the participant proceeds to make some mysterious choices just by imagining and visualizing. It leads to a final choice in a chilling manner.

As a climax, very visually, the chosen spirit conveys a message 'my soul is free' indicating that the process has been successful.

Overall, simple methods combine with a stunning theme and script to create superlative multi layered impact. No sleights. No stooges. No preshow. Easy methods. Presentation is the highlight.

Printable props are included.

Reviewed by Michael Lyth(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Tuesday 22 March, 2016

This author creates ideas that stimulate the mind and purchase was as always in my opinion well worth the small price
Reviewed by Simon Hood(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Monday 14 March, 2016

For the first time, I came across what may be called as 'disguised equivoque'. This is a mind blowingly clever twist to the standard equivoque. That and a couple of classic methods are crafted together into a chilling and spooky routine. Fantastic theme and presentation. Very unconventional thinking this. Commendable. You could really start a cult, if you wanted to. Not only numerical thinking, which I enjoyed in one of his stacked decks (13MM of Stebbins) but this author's emotional thinking is also terrific.

PAYPAL: ksrr1031@gmail.com
EMAIL: unknownmentalist@yahoo.com


Dark Horizon)     $12  (PDF)


This is mentalism with a message. This routine can generate a strong emotional connect with the audience. Language is to a mentalist what semen is to impregnation. When a language becomes extinct, humanity slides down many generations. It is undeniable that mentalists have gained immensely from languages. This release is a humble attempt at conveying mentalism's gratitude for languages.

The simple but highly effective principle of this routine lends itself to complete customization/personalization. Performer displays some language lists. Some ancient languages which are still studied today. Some endangered languages. And some extinct languages. A participant is asked to freely choose an ancient language from a list of about a dozen. Then by an organic linguistic process (NOT word association) the participant arrives at a final language.

In an impossible twist, the participant is now allowed to exchange this final language with another language of his choice. The whole process happens in the mind of the participant only. And the performer is able to divine this finally chosen language. Options for multiple revelation styles are also provided. A basic routine and two advanced alternative routines are described. This is completely self-working and instantly repeatable with a different outcome. No reset. No sleights. No stooges. Fully presentation oriented. You can perform this within 10 minutes of reading the instructions.

Reviewed by Michael Critchley(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Friday 16 September, 2016

A Very Clever piece of Mentalism and Very Clever Thinking.

Multiple Phases and Different Routines are possible with the methods covering both Prediction and Divination.

The plot and premise of Lost Languages is very unusual and makes for a very interesting and engaging presentation.

Something different and Highly Recommended.

Reviewed by David Burmeister(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Monday 23 May, 2016

This is another great effect with a minimum of props. I use it very frequently and it leaves the spectator stunned.

David Burmeister

Reviewed by Paul Hallas(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Friday 20 May, 2016

I loved this one. A truly wonderful theme and presentation. So far I've only used it in close up situations, but at some point I know it will graduate to larger performances.
Reviewed by Kumar BNS(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Monday 07 December, 2015

This is cool mentalism which can evoke a crusading emotion. The theme of languages is very novel and gives the routine a timeless quality. I can see this playing very well. Mouth-watering presentation possibilities. I thank the Unknown Mentalist for keeping the prices of his amazing releases, highly affordable and great value for money.
Reviewed by Michael Lyth(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Sunday 06 December, 2015

for every creation man makes therein is found a creative mind that plants a seed that grows into that what we have before use but that too can stimulate another's mind into another creative work and another's creative mind soon all minds can be stimulated from one idea that soon becomes many from that one creative mind.

All effects in magic and mentalism start somewhere in history and soon become tomorrow's performers stage routine which help keep magic and mentalism continuing to grow stimulating the minds of others minds and souls.

PAYPAL: ksrr1031@gmail.com
EMAIL: unknownmentalist@yahoo.com


Stark Horizon     $12  (PDF)


The material here is more powerful and independent of Dark Horizon. The basic theme here also is that of languages. But the routines here are more self working. The impossible twists and turns in the novel presentations render a more stunning impact. And in spite of such seeming impossibility, the performer is able to accurately divine the language being thought of by the participant.

No sleights. No pre-show. No stooges.

The innovative interlocking construction of the language lists is what drives the routines. The performer can fully focus on the presentation. The 4 language lists provided can be printed on the back of 4 of your business cards or 4 blank playing cards. You can carry these in your pocket or wallet and you will be ready to perform 4 killer routines anytime, anywhere to anyone.

In 2 of the routines, only 3 lists are utilized. In the other 2 routines all the 4 lists are utilized. And in some of the routines the performer can even be genuinely blind folded.

Each routine is completely hands off. The four routines explained are


Reviewed by Michael Lyth(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Tuesday 05 January, 2016

Yet again four effects at silly intro price as this creative thinker continue's to inspire those who have chosen to follow his work one if not all can or should find a place into your show if not stimulate your thinking mind.

PAYPAL: ksrr1031@gmail.com
EMAIL: unknownmentalist@yahoo.com


The Unknown Silence     $12  (PDF)

The experts say ...

"Thank you for releasing THE UNKNOWN SILENCE. It's a very clever idea. I somehow enjoy the feeling that occurs when a person is stunned by your 'magic & mentalism' and you're miles away." - Mark Piazza

"Another hit! How do you keep coming up with such great and commercial ideas?" - Marc Salem


A powerfully mysterious mentalism routine with a long lasting impact.

Now this second edition includes a clever additional idea by Mark Piazza.

You give a piece of paper with a mystic message to an utter stranger. Later, when she is alone in her candle-lit room at 10 pm, the actual magic happens in her own hands. Your accurate prediction of her date of birth, month of birth and her chosen symbol appears right in front of her eyes on the piece of paper.

The impact is so stunning that you are bound to get a call from the participant. Then you are either booked for a gig or she wants to meet you for further consultation or you are requested to start a new cult for which she is already the first recruit!

In over 90 times I performed this, 87 times I received a call from the participants almost immediately after the effect happens in the participant's hands. And every time a very personal and memorable souvenir gets left with the participant along with your name and contact details.

No electronics. No stooges. No pre-show. No sleights. Very easy to do and almost self-working. The best part is that the effect happens remotely in the participant's hands when you are nowhere around. All you need is some acting skill and presentation style and a BOLD ATTITUDE.

Reviewed by Kumar BNS(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Wednesday 14 October, 2015

This is simply brilliant. And brilliantly simple. The author should not have released this and should have shared this only with me!
Reviewed by Prof Max(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Wednesday 14 October, 2015

I was very excited and wanted to try it as soon as I read it. The next day I ‘let this loose’ on a couple of my students simultaneously (I teach undergrads). And the same night both these students called me within a span of about an hour of each other. Their reactions on phone were almost hyper. The news must have spread quite fast in the class because the next day I could sense clearly the undercurrent of uneasiness among the students. I am so pleased to have this routine.

PAYPAL: ksrr1031@gmail.com
EMAIL: unknownmentalist@yahoo.com


Unusual Clue     $12  (PDF)

The experts say ...

"I liked how you transformed a boring mathematical principle into something more entertaining! Very good! Keep doing good things!" - Luca Volpe


A unique and unconventional 'Psychic Detective' routine where the performer plays the detective and using an 'unusual clue' predicts the name of the criminal right in the beginning of the proceedings.

A random participant names a random 'victim' - straight from his imagination. Another random participant names a random 'witness' - again purely from his imagination. These names are chosen totally at random and out of the blue and there is absolutely no force involved. Then using the 'unusual clue' (which is in full view right from the beginning), the participants zero in on a 'criminal' from a list of 'suspects'. This matches exactly with the prediction made by the performer.

Self working and very easy to perform. Instantly repeatable with a different outcome. Nothing to reset. All you need is a small, normal, ungimmicked envelope and 3 business cards. The envelope and 2 of the cards can be reused multiple times. No sleights. No preshow. No stooges. Although this is designed for closeup and small groups, it can easily be adapted to parlor and stage settings.

Powerful presentation with high impact outcome. Can be played humorously or mystically. Patter and script along with a couple of alternative handlings and some bonus ideas are included. A couple of indicative printable props for the suspect list are also provided.

Reviewed by Christian Fisanick(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Saturday 03 September, 2016

This is a great Psychic Detective effect. It is a bit humorous but a GREAT way to solve a murder mystery. I highly recommend this. What a great and amazing thinker which thinks outside the box. Hats off to The Unknown Mentalist
Reviewed by Michael Lyth(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Wednesday 22 June, 2016

Once again this creative thinker delivers the goods with this new contribution to the magic and mentalist fraternity well done

PAYPAL: ksrr1031@gmail.com
EMAIL: unknownmentalist@yahoo.com


Psilent Library Psychic Librarian     $18  (PDF)


This is a totally self-working and completely hands off routine which can be a reputation maker for you and allows you to fully focus on your presentation. You will find this a real pleasure to perform.

The theme is that of a psychic librarian who always accurately predicts the total deposit to be paid for a list of book choices made by a series of participants. In an additional phase, the performer can also accurately divine each individual choice of the participants.

The method is a unique combination of two classic principles. It is very easy to perform and you can start performing almost immediately after reading the manuscript. Everything you may need, including the theme and presentation is fully worked out and included.

Some alternative methods, additional phases and bonus ideas are also explained. This combo principle is powerful and flexible. You will surely find multiple applications for this method.

There are no sleights, no stooges and no preshow. Nothing to reset. Everything is examinable before, during and after the routine. This is suitable for all venues like close up, parlor, walk around etc. Some great ideas shared by Paul Hallas are also included.

Reviewed by David Burmeister(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Saturday 23 June, 2018

This is another GREAT effect to perform on lay people. I knew about this effect before but the only thing stopping me from using it was I didn't quite like the original patter with the effect but the methodology used was incredible. Where else can you find an effect for this price and be able to predict the total price of the books selected AND pick up the thoughts of the title of the two books the spectators are thinking of?

Years ago I used to do CASINO ROYALE from LARRY BECKER in some of my shows and CRUISE CONTROL from LEE EARLE in other shows. These are both effects with multiple predictions also and the props look great but the price difference was great also.

All I can say is for 18 dollars you have a very nice effect which you can print up the props yourself.

Also with three different presentations you will definitely find the right presentation for you.

As with 99.9% of THE UNKNOWN MENTALIST'S material I recommend this highly.

Reviewed by Cortez Magicus(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Tuesday 17 January, 2017

Very great ideas and routine. Top class thinking. For me, the best advantage is working in any language, not just English.
Reviewed by Sarin Suriyakoon(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Friday 13 January, 2017

This is another self-working. A lot of great idea in this ebook. I just used the routine in the afternoon. Just focus on your "Presentation" and refine it to fit your context. Also those bonus in this ebook are worth a price.
Reviewed by Scott Druid(confirmed purchase)
   Date Added: Wednesday 11 January, 2017

This is extraordinary ! I have known the 2 basic principles in play here, almost all my life. But the way these are combined by the author - just simply brilliant. This can be a game changer - tis that good. Hats off to the author. Practically nothing for the performer to do - except present it well. All else is self working and unbelievably hands off - real pleasure to perform. Excellent work - highly recommended.

PAYPAL: ksrr1031@gmail.com
EMAIL: unknownmentalist@yahoo.com

GPS $18.00 Future Test 2021 $09.00 Dark Corners $18.00
Unbroken $12.00 Dark Horizon $12.00 Stark Horizon $12.00
The Unknown Silence $12.00 Unusual Clue $12.00 Psilent Library Psychic Librarian $18.00